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Notepaper Roller

List-o-mania! If he is a list guy, then this handy list dispenser will have him on a roll. The rustic Kraft paper gives it an old-fashioned look. You can even hang it on the wall. Whether he’s making a daily checklist, jotting down needed groceries, or writing notes for family members, the easily refillable roll offers you just the right size of paper.

Memory Foam Neck

Good gift for analytics manager Ever put on your neck pillow on an airplane, only to wake up a little later with your mouth wide open? Maybe a little bit of drool accumulated on your chest? Children pointing at you and laughing?

This little charm solves most of those problems. By combining a really comfy memory foam pillow, a super-soft covering and a hoodie, you not only get a great pillow, but some privacy as well. Your mouth will still be open, and drooling and snoring may happen. But you won’t see those darned children pointing at you and laughing!