Category: Christmas gift ideas for brother

Star Wars 7-Quart

Once a guy finds slow cooking, there’s no turning back. Just as Rey, and Luke Skywalker, channeled the force to save their loved ones, he too can save his peeps (from hunger) – without doing quite as much.

Cool Sun Hat

Another subtle gift that leaves only the real fans to nod at each other in respect, this baseball cap features a red and black Mandalorian skull. It’s simple, classy, and mysterious.

Star Wars Snack

Perfect for entertaining friends or watching a Star Wars marathon, he won’t need a lightsaber to tame this wampa. The snack bowl is painted ceramic and is fully dishwasher and microwave safe.

Star Wars Millenium

It’s a model. It’s a speaker! This Millennium Falcon serves double duty for the Star Wars geek–– he can display it on his desk and, when the mood takes him, stream high-quality audio outta the back of the ship.

Star Wars Chewbacca

A great gift for any Wookie fan, this bathrobe is designed to look like Chewie’s fur, complete with signature utility belt. There are also two pockets for storing remote controls, snacks, bottle openers, hidden lightsabers… whatever he needs.

Darth Vader –

There’s no need to leave his pens lying around the desk when Darth Vader can take a knee and protect it for him. This pen holder makes a great stocking stuffer or a cool Star Wars gadget they didn’t know they needed.

Crazy Boxer The

A great gift for the guy who’s still a child underneath that big grownup Sith Lord exterior, these adorable undies feature The Mandalorian’s Grogu, a.k.a Baby Yoda, a.k.a The Child.

Star Wars Millennium

Grownup Jedi’s need to don a fancy shirt from time to time, but that doesn’t mean they have to hide their geek-side. This classy set of Millennium Falcon blueprint cufflinks have fine detailing (and official licensing) and are much nicer than some budget options.

Robe Factory Star

The best star wars gift ideas are often the most peculiar, and it doesn’t get more interesting than this. Let him relive Jabba the Hutt’s trophy wall with his very own Han Solo In Carbonite shower curtain. Sure to scare the bejesus out of bathroom guests.

Darth Vader I

The force awakens in the kitchen with this engraved bamboo cutting board that doubles as a piece of kitchen decor. Yes, his cooking skills may be in a galaxy far, far away, but at least he has somewhere to slice his bacon.