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Honey Mama’s Refrigerated

For the girl with a sweet tooth.
Oregon-based company Honey Mama uses Dutch-processed cocoa,
regionally sourced raw honey, unrefined coconut oil,
and coconut meat to give these cacao-nectar bars a dreamy texture and slightly nutty flavor. (Since they’re not made with cocoa butter, these can’t technically be called chocolate, but that’s basically what they are).

Tiny Love Meadow

Good gift for your girls, The clip is super strong its just simple physics that if you attach it to a horizontal bar with fabric over it it will fall over no matter how tight it is there isn’t enough friction there to keep it upright. I attached it to a place where a horizontal bar meets a vertical bar on my bassinet and it stays great.
First off, the bottom of the mobile that baby sees is visually pleasing with infant friendly black and white patterns to engage babies sight and entertain them. The rotation of the mobile is super super quiet. it doesn’t bother me at all when I’m trying to go to sleep. The music is slow and soothing, very good for calming baby.

Foxprint Princess Castle

This uniquely designed playhouse is in lovely-toned pink. With shining stars that glow in the dark and hearts scattering on the wall, your little girls deserves best.Conveniently Folds In To A Carrying Case, Your Kids Will Enjoy This Foldable Pop Up Pink Play Tent/House Toy For Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Bagpipe Gifts Toys

Perfect Gifts and Toys for Kids: It is cartoon image specially designed for children. Cute cartoon appearance is more popular with children. It is awesome indoor toys to make your child full of creativity and keep your child away from boredom.

Monster Jam, Official

The 12Pack is the ultimate gift for fans and collectors and features a cool collector poster. Awesome product, your girls will be super excited to get monster trucks.