Category: Sister Birthday

Cuisinart AFR-25, Airfryer,

If she doesn’t have one of these already, then she needs one. This unique kitchen workhorse is a premium full-size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer. That means it not only bakes but also broils and toasts. It also lets you air fry right inside the oven right on your countertop. Air frying uses ultra-hot air, is a healthier way to prepare delicious fried favorites, from wings to fritters to fries to shrimp

Breville CS10001 Joule

Does she love to cook? This toy will step up her cooking game. The Joule is the smallest, most powerful sous vide tool available. It will heat water faster than any other precision cooker and holds the temperature with absolute accuracy to ensure perfect results every time. This little gadget makes for an excellent and practical gift idea.

Joligrace Makeup Box

Makeup case is a great birhday gift for sister. First of all, it’s portable, measuring 10 x 9.25 x 7 inches, so you can take it out of the bathroom and hide it on a high shelf when not in use. More importantly, IT LOCKS! That’s right. It comes with a key so you can lock it up from curious toddlers. Made of reinforced aluminum, it’s sturdy and durable too.


Look how pretty! These look like beautiful, natural crystals, but they’re actually soaps. There are 12 soaps in five lovely scents; vanilla, peony, ocean, lavender, and lily. Made with natural ingredients, they’re gentle enough for the face, body, and hands.

OUAI Chill Pills.

These bath bombs will help relax, unwind, and chill! The tablets have the lovely scent of jasmine and rose and include both jojoba and hemp seed oils to help soothe and moisturize the skin. There are six tablets in a jar.

Floral Watercolor Pastel

Gift your beautiful sister with this set of three watercolor prints! The prints depict zinnias, poppies, peonies, and ranunculus flowers. They measure 8 x 10 inches and are on photo grade paper with a matte finish. The prints are unframed.

UVBRITE UV self-Cleaning

Water bottles are another thing that can get pretty germy and nasty. This water bottle cleans itself! And it purifies your water, too should you be hiking or camping and not near a safe source of drinking water. It uses UV-C to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The bottle is made of stainless steel and holds almost 19 ounces.

PhoneSoap 3 UV

Our phones are one of the dirtiest things we own. And that’s especially true after your kid has gotten ahold of it! This is the PhoneSoap; it’s a phone sanitizer and charger in one! The gadget uses UV-C bulbs that kill 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. The PhoneSoap fits all phones with or without a case, and you can use it to sanitize other small-ish items like keys, credit cards, headphones, and more.

Teabloom Amore Glass

Want to ensure a good morning? Start the day off with this beautiful tea set. As the flowering tea steeps inside the teapot, it blooms into a stunning flower. The gift set includes two flowering teas and the 34-ounce infuser and teapot. The red handle and lid top are made of Venetian glass.

Contigo Autoseal West

Starbucks is an expensive habit. Help her stick to her New Year’s resolution to save money with this stainless steel travel mug. Santa will be jealous of your great stocking stuffer ideas! The cup holds 20 ounces and comes in several colors.