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Star Wars –

Add character to his apple watch with a licensed Stormtrooper watch band. The crisp, white silicone with black accents offers a smart look and features the classic helmet and imperial crest. If he’s more of a Boba Fett man, the bounty’s

Star Wars Not

This is not the bag you are looking for! The simplest star wars gifts for men are often the coolest. Take care of his luggage with a vinyl luggage tag that’ll make even the most common suitcase stand out from the rest.

Star Wars Aunt

Nothing says I’m a REAL Star Wars fanboy like this retro-themed Aunt Beru coffee mug. Call it an in-joke, a rare find, or a new hope for coffee mugs, but he’ll think this mug is the bomb.

adidas Mens Nite

Inspired by the 1980 Nite Jogger shoe, this modern-day rendition pays homage to Adidas retro and Star Wars retro. The stretchy upper is made with reflective material designed for running in low light, while a Stormtrooper takes pole position on the tongue.

Star Wars Death

This mat gives a subtle nod to who might live here and where their tastes reside. The design is burned into the coconut fibers with a laser engraver so, it’ll live longer than the Death Star itself.

Rebel Symbol Mens

As a Star Wars fan it’s perfect to keep the professional look but also show nerdy side! With a deep navy background and carefully-stitched crimson Rebel Alliance emblems, this tie is a standout without being gaudy. The almost heart-shaped symbols make this tie feel fitting as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Star Wars 1-Cup

It’s beautiful, makes a great cup of coffee. It’s cute and convienent.This is the perfect gift for the Rebel bachelor (or solo coffee lover) to begin his mornings and get into operations fast. This single-cup coffee maker serves up a 12 oz mug of joe and uses any ground coffee. Chewie mug included.

Star Wars Talking

What’s a clapper, you ask? It’s a fun way to use the force to turn on the light, TV, or other appliances. Clap your hands, Vader throws out a spoken command, and it’s done. The Sith Lord speaks every time you trigger him, with quotes like: You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.Sure to be a beloved asset to his empire. Sure to drive his Princess Leia crazy.


Nebula Capsule is a smart cinema that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Using Android 7.1 it plays content from your favorite video streaming app or mirrors your phone’s screen to create a remarkably detailed picture up to 100 inches big. Stunning image quality is complemented by a class-leading 360° speaker to deliver heart-pounding sound, wherever you sit. Enjoy stunning picture and sound, wherever you want.