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Lighted Peace Sign

This is super cool and a great gift idea for the woman turning 60! Was she at Woodstock? She will love the lights for her porch or patio. The peace sign is a great conversation starter and will look great at your house. Get your mom, grandma or aunt the Lighted Peace Sign Wreath for her 60 birthday.

Cuisinart DHR-20 Food

I love my food dehydrator. I use it every year for fruits and vegetables and making beef jerky. A great gift for the 60-year-old woman on her birthday. If your mom loves her garden and to eat healthy the Cuisinart Food Dehydrator, Steel Gray is the right birthday gift for her. It is super easy to use and makes great snacks. My grand-kids love the apples I dry for them

Nostalgia Indoor Electric

As an avid camper, I love S’mores and adding some bacon is even better! Yes, i said bacon! Your 60 year old woman will love this S’mores Maker even if she doesn’t like to camp. You can make them anywhere. Have fun with the grandkids. An awesome birthday or Christmas gift for that 60-year-old lady in your life.

Cosmos Kitchen Knife

Now, these are pretty awesome! What a fun gift to give to the birthday woman on her 60th birthday! The Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set will let her stand out in the kitchen or when camping. I love a fun gift and something that is not normal. your mom or grandma will love these on her 60th birthday.

E Tronic Edge

When I go walking or running I never have a place for everything I want to bring with me. You never know, I could end up having coffee or going into a store. This is a great birthday gift for the 60-year-old active woman on her birthday. The Fanny Pack will make everything so much easier for mom, grandma or that favorite aunt.

Dodow – Sleep

As we age we have more trouble falling asleep. I know it gets harder and harder to get to sleep at night. A gift idea for the 60-year-old for her birthday is the Sleep Aid Device that helps her get to sleep. It uses lights to rid her of stress or for me to slow down my mind. I really like how this helps me relax. No more wasted time counting sheep.

Stasher Platinum Silicone

For the woman who has everything. She will not have this awesome reusable bag. I know right! I am super excited to try mine out. A great birthday gift for the 60-year-old woman on your list. The Stasher Reusable Food Bag is amazing! Is the 60-year-old woman in your life someone who worries about the environment, this is the gift for her 60th birthday.


Flying or driving for hours sucks! We get cramped and our neck hurts. I love having my pillow with to make those necessary trips at least a little comfortable. The OSTRICHPILLOW GO Travel Pillow is something we tend to not buy for ourselves. Which makes it a great birthday gift for that lady turning 60 on her birthday this year, in addition to that trip to Hawaii, hint hint!

EKKONG Explosion Box,

You can add in all those fun photos so it is ready for her to enjoy! How fun is the EKKONG Explosion Box. She will love this on her 60th birthday. The sentimental value alone will have her smiling. You will have given the best gift of the year. A great gift idea for your lady turning 60 on her birthday.

60th Birthday Gifts

Got to love the Unicorn! I do not want to be the normal 60-year-old woman on my big birthday either! Remind your special mom, grandma, aunt, or friend that 60 doesn’t have to mean they are old! They are superb and dazzling! The Coffee will help her feel 60 and fabulous!